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I think it will be an interesting night on the tramp, to say the least. Probably not many customers, which is okay, and one hell of a blizzard. Which is...not so okay.

Ah well.

Weekend tomorrow, yay!

Also I seriously need to catch up on One Piece. I keep hearing rumours of a timeskip, eeeee.
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Yeah, I was kidding when I said it'd snow soon. I really didn't want you to take me seriously, and now that it's cold and rainy, I am actually getting worried.

Normally I'm all for the snow, but I have been really enjoying this warm - but not too warm - weather, and I would appreciate it if it continued. The front garden promises to be very pleasant to work in this year, and now that it's actually growing, I'd rather it didn't get thumped with a few feet of snow.

So...yeah. I'm glad we had this talk, and, y'know, no hard feelings, right?
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Or, why Sarge is awesome. And psychotic. And kind of terrifying. But that's besides the point.

Anyway, it is too damn hot outside. All of 23C, actually. ...Man, I'm so fucked when we get plus-thirty weather in the summer.

At least there's supposed to be thunderstorms later on? I dunno, I'm really not sure if thunderstorms are enough of a trade-off for the heat.
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Or not. Actually, in this kind of storm it's really better to be at home rather than driving. Yeah, I know it's May, but this is Alberta! We don't believe in normal weather, we consider snow in May, June, July and August to be perfectly acceptable. Hell, this makes it two winter storm warnings inside of a week! I just hope this one doesn't end with us trapped inside the house like the last one.

The job continues to be pretty cool, even though I've been flip-flopping between the road and the yard like a freakin' yo-yo. Last week I was on the night road spareboard, this week I'm set up on a yard job. Yeesh. But I did manage to go out on a west trip Saturday night, so that worked out beautifully. Had a great trip out, nearly ran over a bear at Banff, and made it into Field at seven in the morning. You know, the usual. (Hah!) We'd made it out of Alyth just ahead of the Mountaineer - the passenger train - and when we rolled through Banff, the passengers were starting to gather at the station. I still find it incredibly amusing to be zipping through on the big freight trains, and have all these tourists pointing at the engine and taking pictures. I felt like sticking my hand out the window, and waving like the Queen.

...Man, I'm glad I don't have to work for the next few days. It is one nasty storm out there.
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...Okay, it's been an embarrassingly long time since I updated this thing. But that's okay. And wow, I had a whole list of things I wanted to write about, let's see how much I actually remembered.

Snow and sleet and...sun, oh my? )

Discworld squee, maybe possibly minor spoilers... )

Definite Naruto and OP spoilers, beware! )

That actually felt kind of good, getting everything laid out like that. Now if I could only update the fic I've been writing, seeing as how I've already got it on the Pit...
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Well, it has been ridiculously hot for the past couple of days, (30C plus, just about every day), but relief is on the way!

...So to speak, anyway. Apparently there's a tornado watch on for the Calgary region, and I can hear thunder as I type (and it's raining, just a little. Yay!). Instead of 35C, though, it's about 20C, with a very nice breeze. So I'm happy. I just wish the parents had left the camera here, though, because the sky is nothing short of spectacular at the moment.

Speaking of the parents, they're still on Ontario, and will remain there until the 24th. I have to say, it's kind of neat not having them around, although it did take a few days to adjust to. Especially at night... And amusingly enough, we now do the various chores not because we're told to, (except by the sister), but because, well, the house looks gross if we don't. ...Man. I wonder if that's what the parents feel like all the time.

I saw the latest Harry Potter movie when it opened on Wednesday, and it wasn't that bad. In fact, as much as I hate to say it about any movie, it was better than the book. Although really, that's not hard, at least with that book. As with any movie, it was much improved by going to see it with a) friends who were willing and ready to spork, and b) a fandom-y (read: dirty) mind. Thus, the best part of the movie came when Snape dragged Harry off to the dungeon for hawt Snarry lovin' lessons in Occlumency, and he tossed off a line about 'penetration...of the mind', or something along those lines. I have to say, it gets a little awkward when you and a friend are the only ones laughing in a crowded theatre.

As for the book, I've rounded up a friend, my brother, and a friend of his, and we're heading off to the nearest Chapters on Friday night, where we're going to mingle with the Harry Potter fen. And a friend of mine who works there is going to get me the book with a massive discount. So that's awesome.


May. 23rd, 2007 06:12 pm
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Sorry for the double post, but weather, I... What. Just, what.

It's snowing. Again! It's almost JUNE, fer cryin' out loud!
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It's raining, which is more than a little odd. I mean, it's May, and sure, normally you'd expect that sort of spring weather. But...this is Cochrane. We don't get normal spring weather. Ever. And hell, this is more rain than we usually get in a month.

It's somewhat unnerving, to tell the truth. I think I'd feel better if it snowed or something.

...Also, Fuzzy has decided that my arm is his new chewtoy. Makes typing a little difficult, that's for sure.

ETA: ...I...never mind about the rain. It's snowing. WhattheHELL, Cochrane?
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So it's snowing. Again. I know, I know, that came as a complete shock. I mean, who would have ever expected it to snow, here, in April?

...Aaaanyway, sarcasm wasn't the point of this post. I just wanted to say that there is something incredibly comforting and cozy about snow falling at night. Everything seems so much smaller and warmer, as weird as that sounds. It's brighter at night when it snows, and there's nothing I want to do except curl up in bed with a book. Which is exactly what I'm going to do, as soon as this is posted.

Damn, but I love the snow. It's so much nicer than the summer...
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There's a video clip of Stuart McLean on YouTube, which makes me exceedingly happy for a variety of reasons. Mostly, because he's an amazing radio host, and seeing him live is even better. And the way he uses his words is just amazing...

Cut for kitty related stuff, and because I'm a hockey goon... )
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Well, I'm rather proud of myself right now. At hockey tonight, I was able to not only keep up with Mum on a breakaway, but actually overtake her and steal the puck. And...I realize that doesn't exactly sound like something to be very proud of, but... Well, Mum is an excellent player. She's been playing hockey for at least forty years, and I honestly believe that if she'd been born twenty-odd years ago, she'd be playing on the women's Olympic team. She's that good. And also incredibly fast, with a seriously scary slapshot. People *scatter* when she winds up, I'm telling you.

Now me? I'm not nearly as good as she is. I'm getting better, but I'm still a long way off. So the fact that I was able to catch her and take the puck means a lot to me. Although, I do have one thing going for me that she doesn't: I'm very, *very* solid on my skates. As in, I don't fall easily, at all.

Yeah, no real point to this post. Although I do have pocky, and it's snowing. So it's been a good day all round.
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I love living here in southwestern Alberta, I really do. I love the view, which is amazing. I love the fact that we can have snow in July and then wear shorts on Christmas Day. And then have another three feet of snow in May.

It's just that I really don't like being able to predict sudden pressure changes with these friggin' MIGRAINES. A Chinook wind is a wonderful thing, especially in the middle of the winter. The headaches that accompany them...are not. Wonderful things, that is. I'm just glad I had painkillers...

On the upside, they're predicting snow for tomorrow afternoon! Woo-hoo!


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