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But lord, with the amount of sleep I got today, I certainly feel like it.
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Or, why Sarge is awesome. And psychotic. And kind of terrifying. But that's besides the point.

Anyway, it is too damn hot outside. All of 23C, actually. ...Man, I'm so fucked when we get plus-thirty weather in the summer.

At least there's supposed to be thunderstorms later on? I dunno, I'm really not sure if thunderstorms are enough of a trade-off for the heat.
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...So this day kind of took a turn for the worse. I mean, I was expecting it and everything, but it still stings.

Just got the phonecall today, to expect my layoff notice in the mail. Fuck. And you know, you just *know* they're going to be calling us back by June, and they'll be absolutely frantic because half of the people they laid off will just say "Fuck you", and never come back. And that means I'll be screwed on the spareboard. ...On the other hand, if the people who don't come back are ahead of me, this means more turns, which means my seniority goes up, which means I can hold the road that much sooner. Still, this is not the way I wanted to go into spring.

And you know, it really doesn't make much sense. Vacation is going to be gearing up, which means they'll be short of men, again. Oh well, when they want me back, I'll sure as hell be taking my two weeks. Sod 'em.

I suppose it does help that ill-mannered new!kitty is snoozing in my lap. Sure, he's sleep-groping me, but that's a small price to pay for lap!kitty.
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Yeah, it's late. Not my fault, though!

On a related note, there are many uniquely vile things about working for the railroad. Getting a phone call for a road trip ten minutes after going to bed is one of them. A very special one of them. On the bright side, it appears to be a relief trip, so I think we'll be coming straight back to Alyth. Thank God, because I've been up since fucking four am.
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Ever have one of those days? Just...one where nothing really awful happens, but it's still a lousy day nonetheless? I really, really don't like it when that happens. Bleah.

Man, I hope tomorrow works out better...


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