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Why is it that when important historical events are viewed through the lens of the internet and liberally flavoured with TVTropes, they become hilarious?

For instance, when looking at the split between the Roman Catholic church and the Orthodox church of the Byzantine Empire, it's much, much funnier to picture it as a flame war that grew out of hand on the forums and led to mutual bannination, followed by epic flouncing to separate sites, where the wankstorm continues to this day.

I think I'll be giggling about this all week.
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I've watched it multiple times by now, both the dub and the sub, and the ending gets to me every time.

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It is an evil evil site, much like the evil evil man. Though not, I think, capable of breaking the fourth wall in real life. ...God, I hope not.

Anyway. No real point to this entry, but I'd just like to say, once again, that TTGL continues to be the most awesome series that has ever been or ever will be. I realize that's a bold statement, but this is a show where during the climactic battle, the protagonist - who happens to be inside a mech that is roughly 3 million light years tall - is throwing galaxies at the enemy. Who also happens to be of comparable size. Throwing GALAXIES. Yeah. He also punches an enemy mech mook so hard that it rips a hole in time and space, but to be fair, he wasn't quite at full strength. And that came before the galaxy shurikens anyway.

It's also notable for being the only thing I've ever seen on youtube to not have a single idiot comment. Videos like this and this are instead filled with comments on how incredibly EPIC and AWESOME they are. Which I whole-heartedly agree with.

Spoiler-y EPICNESS.

Snow Yay!

May. 29th, 2010 11:21 am
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Like Ho Yay, except, you know, really, really not. Regardless, there's a hell of a lot of snow out there, and I totally called it hah! It's a little late, as it usually comes on the May long weekend (Victoria, why do you hate us so, that you would send snow on the day reserved for you?), but it still counts as the big May snowstorm. ...I love that that can be a regular thing here.

The cats hate it, the dog loves it, and much as I hate to say it, I kind of agree with the dog here. It's freaking awesome.

So about the Badass Longcoat thing in the previous entry...I totally broke down and bought one online. Yeah. ....It's so coooooool.

Currently plowing my way through a box of books that a friend lent to me. Mmmmr. Though I'm almost at that stage where you've read so many that your brain feels full. Kind of like eating a really really great 15 course meal, where you feel great at the end, but still too full. So...is that just me, or what? Anyway, the Third Pig Detective Agency was great, Bad Monkeys was subversive and creepily awesome, I continue to have a mad crush on Harry Dresden, and getting Jane Lindskold confused with Robin Hobb is really very bad for my mental health. Thankfully it was a Lindskold, and not a Hobb. Brr.
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But boy do I ever want a Badass Longcoat. Leather duster is the current favourite, but a greatcoat like Captain Jack's is also oddly appealing.

...Yeah, I know it really wouldn't be that helpful here in Calgary, but it'd look so coooool.


May. 15th, 2010 10:33 am
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You know, it's one thing to get stuck on TVT. It's another thing entirely to do it to myself, from the link on here. That is just sad.


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