Owls, man.

Sep. 16th, 2010 04:26 pm
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It's really amazing how that afternoon west pool is either flooded with available guys, or else they've all disappeared off the face of the earth.

Today, it's the latter, which is why I'm going to work...wow, four hours earlier than I'd originally though. That's okay, though, it's still a westbound. And I've got a good hoghead, so no complaints here.

In other news, Halo: Reach is utterly gorgeous and so much fun to play. Bungie didn't hold anything back with the story, and you can really tell that they loved making this game.

And I have to say, I'm really enjoying that I can finally (finally!) play a girl!Spartan. She now has pretty green and red armor, and is a bit of a badass. Actually, scratch that. She's amazingly badass. Surviving a fall from near-orbit gives you a lot of badass credibility.

The only issue I have is that Frank, while adorably cuddly, always wants to cuddle just when I'm getting swarmed by Brutes with grav-hammers. Needless to say, I died pretty damn quick, and he got the boot.

Cats, man.

Snow Yay!

May. 29th, 2010 11:21 am
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Like Ho Yay, except, you know, really, really not. Regardless, there's a hell of a lot of snow out there, and I totally called it hah! It's a little late, as it usually comes on the May long weekend (Victoria, why do you hate us so, that you would send snow on the day reserved for you?), but it still counts as the big May snowstorm. ...I love that that can be a regular thing here.

The cats hate it, the dog loves it, and much as I hate to say it, I kind of agree with the dog here. It's freaking awesome.

So about the Badass Longcoat thing in the previous entry...I totally broke down and bought one online. Yeah. ....It's so coooooool.

Currently plowing my way through a box of books that a friend lent to me. Mmmmr. Though I'm almost at that stage where you've read so many that your brain feels full. Kind of like eating a really really great 15 course meal, where you feel great at the end, but still too full. So...is that just me, or what? Anyway, the Third Pig Detective Agency was great, Bad Monkeys was subversive and creepily awesome, I continue to have a mad crush on Harry Dresden, and getting Jane Lindskold confused with Robin Hobb is really very bad for my mental health. Thankfully it was a Lindskold, and not a Hobb. Brr.
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Which is to say, Iron Man 2 is just as damn awesome the second time around. The bit with Cap's shield is still a CMOF, and oh my god the stinger we need that movie NAO PLZKTHX.

War Machine is completely badass, Mickey Rourke should not look that hot with glasses, argh, (seriously he is a scary scary looking person, and then he puts on the damn nerdglasses), and Justin Hammer is made of hilarityfail. He wants so badly to be Tony Stark, or at least cool, and he's so very, very not. His little dance entry is cringingly hilarious, and only made funnier when Tony upstages him so thoroughly not five minutes later.

Also the Black Widow is freakin' hot - and so very badass, wow - and I find it incredibly funny that she has barely any UST with Tony, and kind of ridiculous levels of it with Pepper. Hot redheads, FTW!

To summarize: Tony Stark continues to be utterly awesome, and nnngh the Avengers movie will be so very awesome.

...I use awesome way too often in my writing, but it's such a fun and descriptive word, and oftentimes, it's the only word that really conveys how I feel. Awesome.

Oh! Spring is here, apparently. The trees are all turning green, the flowers are blooming in the front flower garden, and it's supposed to be twenty-eight degrees tomorrow. This of course means we'll have three feet of snow by Friday, you just watch.


May. 23rd, 2009 09:33 pm
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Redesigned Ye Olde Blogge, as you may or may not have noticed. It is now predominately green-themed, in keeping with my mildly unsettling and probably (hopefully? We shall see!) temporary thing for the colour green.

Also did quite a bit of gardening today, which resulted in many, many more freckles for me, which is not a bad thing, and a rather pretty new look for the front flower garden. ...Which is also not a bad thing. I might have gotten a tiny sunburn, but I'll wait and see on that one.

The Big Trip was awesome, every part of it, and I fully intend on putting up selected pictures of the trip/taking pictures of the souvenirs I bought and that likely only I will find interesting. Pretty green skirt is pretty.

The dog is still a moron, but is a friendly moron, so we'll keep him around for now. Frank is like a little kid whenever he goes outside. He scrambles down the front steps and flails around in the grass, pretending to hunt. Fuzzy is back, and it's like he never left. He's decided to tolerate Frank, which apparently translates to happy play-fighting, and then teaming up with Frank to come and sleep on my bed, thus immobilizing my legs in the morning. He'd like to be mutually ignoring the dog, but the dog hasn't figured out the ignoring part yet. Broom tries to play, and winds up getting a swat on the nose. Most amusing.

Still haven't been called back yet, and I may end up getting another job in the meantime. ...Really not something I'm looking forward to, as I've been spoiled by the railroad.

"Whaddya mean, I can't wear my coveralls or my boots? And...you're *not* going to call me when you need me, I have to follow a schedule? What kind of job is this, anyway?"

Ah well. I'll live. Somehow.
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So the teaser trailer for Mass Effect 2 debuted yesterday. It's going to be another year, at least, before it's released, and Shepard is presumed KIA.


....Waaaaaaaant. I want this game with the fire of a thousand nuns.

...There's gotta be some way to fall asleep, not get into trouble at work, and wake up just in time for the release of ME2. Seriously.


May. 30th, 2008 12:51 pm
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For serious, the next entry'll be about trains. And possibly puppy. I swear!


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