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Oh Misha Collins, I would watch SPN just for you. That is effin' BRILLIANT.

not really, I only pay attention to that show because of the glorious glorious wank


Feb. 14th, 2011 12:05 am
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Every few years, it seems I feel the urge to refresh my memory of the epic wanks that so characterized the early years of HP fandom.

And boy, there's nothing more epic than the Ms. Scribe saga.

On a completely unrelated note, the FW wiki is great for a few hours of laughing at the folly and foibles of idiots on the internets.
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Incidentally, my hair is now in dozens and dozens of tiny braids. I love it! It took the sister more than a few hours to finish, but she did a great job and they look awesome. There may be pictures soon, if I can finagle a camera into working.

Also, the MST3K episode Future War? Wow, that's a bad movie, but an absolutely hilarious episode. Nothing quite like watching a Belgian kickboxer take on really bad dinosaur puppets. You could just see some of the actors cringing when they had to say their lines.
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...But there was a major derailment early this morning in Alyth Yard. There was a potash train coming into P3, which is one of the very long tracks, used to store the trains that are one hundred cars or more, and apparently a wheel on one of the cars caught a switch point, the switch opened beneath the cars as they were moving, (REALLY Not Good), and poof, eight cars all over the ground. No one was hurt, but boy, was the yard manager ever having a shitty night.

The job I got called for actually ended up being the one to put the pieces of the train back together, which basically meant pulling something like the first 110 cars out of P3, then going next door to P4 to pick up the last ten or so cars that another job had removed from the end of the train, behind the derailed cars, and then taking the whole shebang uptown to the Depot.

To be honest, it was actually the most work we'd done all night, and it ended up being our last move, which meant we got to go home an hour anna half early. Hell, I even got to drive the train for a mile or so. It was ver' cool.

Railroading factoid of the day: Potash trains are often over 120 cars long, (over 6000 feet), and usually weigh upwards of twenty thousand tons. They are long, heavy fuckers.
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...But my crew and I derailed a locomotive today. No one was hurt, and there was only a bit of damage to the rail, so I can laugh about it now. And it was rather amusing, so that helps too.

Click for train....stuff. )

...And yeah, so that was my day. That was also probably more railroading terms than any of you wanted to know. And I had to force myself not to use more. It's practically another language...


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