Jul. 24th, 2007 03:19 am
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I found out today that a friend of mine was killed in a car accident last Friday. She'd been part of my graduating class, and I'd run into her off and on for the past few years. The last time I saw her was in May, when her brother graduated with my sister.

I'd forgotten how contagious her laugh was, and how much fun she was. I regret that I didn't know her as well as I could have, and that we never talked for more than a few minutes.

The weirdest part about all this is trying to come to terms with the fact that I'll never hear her laugh from fifty feet away again, or that I'll never get to hug her again. It doesn't seem like she's really gone, and it feels very strange.

Wherever you are, Becky, I'll miss you.
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Only a few things worth posting about today.

In order:

- The brother got his braces off, and the first thing he said? "...Man. Teeth are slimy." I agreed wholeheartedly with him, as that was exactly what I said when I got my braces off.

- On the way home, I got lost in all the construction in the NW. Twice. Man, I suck at finding my way around Calgary at the best of times. All this construction? I'm lucky I made it home before midnight!

- Going to sleep to the sounds of a violent thunderstorm, and then being woken up by the hailstorm? Made of WIN.

- Harry Potter tomorrow, whoo!
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Well, it has been ridiculously hot for the past couple of days, (30C plus, just about every day), but relief is on the way!

...So to speak, anyway. Apparently there's a tornado watch on for the Calgary region, and I can hear thunder as I type (and it's raining, just a little. Yay!). Instead of 35C, though, it's about 20C, with a very nice breeze. So I'm happy. I just wish the parents had left the camera here, though, because the sky is nothing short of spectacular at the moment.

Speaking of the parents, they're still on Ontario, and will remain there until the 24th. I have to say, it's kind of neat not having them around, although it did take a few days to adjust to. Especially at night... And amusingly enough, we now do the various chores not because we're told to, (except by the sister), but because, well, the house looks gross if we don't. ...Man. I wonder if that's what the parents feel like all the time.

I saw the latest Harry Potter movie when it opened on Wednesday, and it wasn't that bad. In fact, as much as I hate to say it about any movie, it was better than the book. Although really, that's not hard, at least with that book. As with any movie, it was much improved by going to see it with a) friends who were willing and ready to spork, and b) a fandom-y (read: dirty) mind. Thus, the best part of the movie came when Snape dragged Harry off to the dungeon for hawt Snarry lovin' lessons in Occlumency, and he tossed off a line about 'penetration...of the mind', or something along those lines. I have to say, it gets a little awkward when you and a friend are the only ones laughing in a crowded theatre.

As for the book, I've rounded up a friend, my brother, and a friend of his, and we're heading off to the nearest Chapters on Friday night, where we're going to mingle with the Harry Potter fen. And a friend of mine who works there is going to get me the book with a massive discount. So that's awesome.
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Well, it's nearly summer, and around here, that means floods, snow and gardening. Yay! Although honestly, I really don't mind the gardening. ...I should clarify that. I mean, I don't mind gardening when it happens to be our tiny front flower garden, not our quarter-acre vegetable garden.

But the front garden has lilacs, geraniums, lilies, garden yarrow, asparagus, what-I-call-buttercups-but-which-probably-aren't, and this weird bush that's been growing outside my bedroom window for who knows how long. And I really do enjoy working in it. It's small, easy to weed, and everything in it has survived several generations of cats and my early attempts at gardening, so I know it'll survive.

The greenhouse is also something else I kind of enjoy, again because it's small. The tomatoes don't ask for much more than a daily watering, and, well, I'm not sure my lettuce can actually *die* at this point. I mean, I planted it in one corner of the greenhouse, six years ago, and since then, it has survived being tilled under, snow, sleet, rain, and various other indignities. And it keeps spreading! I'm so proud...

Once the lilies start blooming, which ought to be any day now, I'll put up a few pictures. And hopefully we'll have lilac flowers this year, which would be awesome....

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