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There's nothing in the world quite like the smell of spring. It's new leaves on the poplars, spring rain on the breeze, and all the other new plants coming up.

...Though it does mean we're starting to lose our view of the mountains, due to all those lovely new leaves. To the roof! Tomorrow.
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But everything!bagel with cream cheese is nomworthy. Very nomworthy.


May. 26th, 2009 07:55 pm
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So we currently have two kittehs, Frank and Fuzzy. This is a happy state of affairs, which ironically only came about because we thought Fuzzy died back in January.

We let him out to go hunting, and, well, he never came back. We were sad, definitely, but it's also happened before, with all of our other cats, so we were also sort of prepared. After two weeks or so, we figured that hey, he wasn't coming back, and the house just doesn't feel right without a cat, so we headed down to the animal shelter to pick out a new kitteh.

Looked at quite a few, then encountered Comet, soon to be known as Frank. He was friendly and rather cuddly right from the get-go, so we brought him home. He got along great with Broom, right from the beginning. His manners needed a little work, but he's been improving. He's still pretty young, so it's all good.

And then, when I was still in Spain, about a week and a half away from returning home, the sister emailed me and said that Fuzzy had come back! I was naturally shocked, and more than a little skeptical. I mean, it'd been nearly three months since he disappeared, with some very mean weather in the meantime. But it was true, he was back.

I wasn't around to see the kittehs during their first week together, but by all accounts, they had some spectacular catfights. Fur everywhere, with some truly impressive growling for such tiny bodies. By the time I got back, they'd settled into a routine, of sorts.

Fuzzy also settled rapidly into his old routines, and now it's like he never left. ...Except for when him and Frank start thumping each other again, and running all around the house. Then it's better than before.
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And wound up with some lovely pictures of the garden and the yard. It was very wet and rainy today, though oddly enough, sunny at the same time. I couldn't help but sing "Have You Ever Seen The Rain" ...coming down on a sunny day! )


May. 23rd, 2009 09:33 pm
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Redesigned Ye Olde Blogge, as you may or may not have noticed. It is now predominately green-themed, in keeping with my mildly unsettling and probably (hopefully? We shall see!) temporary thing for the colour green.

Also did quite a bit of gardening today, which resulted in many, many more freckles for me, which is not a bad thing, and a rather pretty new look for the front flower garden. ...Which is also not a bad thing. I might have gotten a tiny sunburn, but I'll wait and see on that one.

The Big Trip was awesome, every part of it, and I fully intend on putting up selected pictures of the trip/taking pictures of the souvenirs I bought and that likely only I will find interesting. Pretty green skirt is pretty.

The dog is still a moron, but is a friendly moron, so we'll keep him around for now. Frank is like a little kid whenever he goes outside. He scrambles down the front steps and flails around in the grass, pretending to hunt. Fuzzy is back, and it's like he never left. He's decided to tolerate Frank, which apparently translates to happy play-fighting, and then teaming up with Frank to come and sleep on my bed, thus immobilizing my legs in the morning. He'd like to be mutually ignoring the dog, but the dog hasn't figured out the ignoring part yet. Broom tries to play, and winds up getting a swat on the nose. Most amusing.

Still haven't been called back yet, and I may end up getting another job in the meantime. ...Really not something I'm looking forward to, as I've been spoiled by the railroad.

"Whaddya mean, I can't wear my coveralls or my boots? And...you're *not* going to call me when you need me, I have to follow a schedule? What kind of job is this, anyway?"

Ah well. I'll live. Somehow.
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Lord, it's going to be a busy two days from here on in. I've got appointments to schedule, last minute details to take care of, packing to finish, rooms to clean, (bleah), and a whole host of other tasks. But you know, it's gonna be totally worth it.

My first big solo trip, and I get to visit friends around the world? How cool is that? Plus I've been wanting to visit England ever since I can remember, so that's gonna be pretty damn awesome.

I'm a little nervous, certainly, but mostly just excited. The sister enjoyed her two big trips just fine, so I think I'll be okay. And really, the only time I'll potentially be staying at a hostel is in England, and then only if I can't swing staying with an Irish relative.

'Sides, I'll have Yamamocchan here to help keep me connected, and hopefully I'll remember to do a little blogging while I'm gone.

Sort of related to all that, I really do miss work. Sure, it's nice an' all to be able to go traveling like this, but...I love my job. I love going to work, I love hearing all the wild stories from the old timers, and I love taking trains to Field and Red Deer. I don't even mind that most of this seems to occur at three in the morning, at roughly minus a million degrees Celsius.

I never thought I'd be able to find a job that I loved so much, one that lets me work outside, and stay far, far away from anything resembling 'business casual'. The fact that I can go to work, throw on the coveralls, (with the one leg being all grease-stained from the leg down from kneeling on the rails to do up air hoses), and stomp around in steel-toed boots is just so damn cool.

I know I'll be called back soon enough, and I'm (mostly) prepared for getting laid off again, because hey, it happens. And it's happened to plenty of the guys I've talked to, ones who've been there for thirty years. It's certainly not like I'm the first conductor to be laid off, ever.

...I dunno, I guess the point of all that is I'm really, really looking forward to going away, but that I do miss my job. The big lesson here is not to blog at two in the freaking morning, obviously.

Also! New!kitty is Frank. We decided this when we realized that new!kitty eats like a pig, but since he is in fact a male, Miss Piggy just didn't quite suit him. Frank, however, after Frank Oz, who did such a wonderful job of voicing Miss Piggy, suits him to a tee. The fact that he could also be referring to TV's Frank from MST3K is an added bonus.
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...Okay, it's been an embarrassingly long time since I updated this thing. But that's okay. And wow, I had a whole list of things I wanted to write about, let's see how much I actually remembered.

Snow and sleet and...sun, oh my? )

Discworld squee, maybe possibly minor spoilers... )

Definite Naruto and OP spoilers, beware! )

That actually felt kind of good, getting everything laid out like that. Now if I could only update the fic I've been writing, seeing as how I've already got it on the Pit...


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