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Well, it's nearly summer, and around here, that means floods, snow and gardening. Yay! Although honestly, I really don't mind the gardening. ...I should clarify that. I mean, I don't mind gardening when it happens to be our tiny front flower garden, not our quarter-acre vegetable garden.

But the front garden has lilacs, geraniums, lilies, garden yarrow, asparagus, what-I-call-buttercups-but-which-probably-aren't, and this weird bush that's been growing outside my bedroom window for who knows how long. And I really do enjoy working in it. It's small, easy to weed, and everything in it has survived several generations of cats and my early attempts at gardening, so I know it'll survive.

The greenhouse is also something else I kind of enjoy, again because it's small. The tomatoes don't ask for much more than a daily watering, and, well, I'm not sure my lettuce can actually *die* at this point. I mean, I planted it in one corner of the greenhouse, six years ago, and since then, it has survived being tilled under, snow, sleet, rain, and various other indignities. And it keeps spreading! I'm so proud...

Once the lilies start blooming, which ought to be any day now, I'll put up a few pictures. And hopefully we'll have lilac flowers this year, which would be awesome....

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Alas, there was no One Piece last week! ...But this week's chapter more than made up for it, I have to say.

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Now if only the sodding Naruto chapter would show up...


Mar. 3rd, 2007 10:25 pm
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Oh, this was so not the best day to be catching up on One Piece and Naruto.

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