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Oh my god, Garrus has the biggest mancrush on Thane ever, it's hilarious.

"Oh wow, a precise headshot with no collateral damage. This guy's good!"

And then when he sees him take out Nassana, you can practically hear his little turian heart fluttering in joy. His eyes even got all big and sparkly.

Also, Insanity is getting easier! Except for the goddamned krogan, christ.
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Er. Anyway, gone west, so huzzah, wave the tiny flags, etc.

Been gardening, which I actually do enjoy, when it's a teeny flower garden and not the monstrosity of a vegetable garden we usually have. Need to do more, though, when I get back.

Also, ME2 on Insanity takes so damn looooong, oh my god. A relatively simple fight against a Blue Suns Captain, on the way to rescue Oriana? Something like two hours, spent loading and reloading and reloading. On the other hand, she's most definitely dead, so go Garrus and Miranda.


May. 13th, 2011 11:58 pm
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aaaaugh Kaidaaaaaaan
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Admiral Hackett is just as awesome in person as he is giving faceless orders over the comm, and I kind of want him and Anderson to team up and go be awesome together.

On the other hand, Kire's a little worn-down after this mission, because not only did she get banged around kind of a lot, No Endor Holocaust was thoroughly, horrifically averted, and all at her hands. A necessary evil, to be sure, but still kind of ouchy.

All in all, an excellent bit of DLC! Once I got over Damn You Muscle Memory, anyway. I kept trying to pause gameplay by holding down the triggers, which works great for DA2! Not so much for ME2.
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Not a bad night on the 2 switcher relief, when all was said and done!

Also I have finally met Caleb Shepard, and he is a pretty pretty man. Not quite as pretty as Cairo - but then, who is - and possibly prettier than Bet.

It helps that he's all dark brown skin with lighter brown hair and really beautiful purple-grey eyes. ...Shit, I think I just lapsed into Sue-prose.

He's also not as pretty as Daniel Henney.

Mmmm, Daniel Henney...
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So the teaser trailer for Mass Effect 2 debuted yesterday. It's going to be another year, at least, before it's released, and Shepard is presumed KIA.


....Waaaaaaaant. I want this game with the fire of a thousand nuns.

...There's gotta be some way to fall asleep, not get into trouble at work, and wake up just in time for the release of ME2. Seriously.
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Fair warning: ahead lie not only massive spoilers for Mass Effect, but really random, out-of-nowhere, context-is-for-the-weak sort of stuff. You have been warned.

Mass Effect Musings, Part 1... )

Also, I have new glasses. Yey me.


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