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But the cat came back, the very next day. The cat came back, he just wouldn't stay away, stay awayyyyy...

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Ahahaha, I just got the romantick joke in Thief of Time. Durr. It only took me about four years...
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There's a video clip of Stuart McLean on YouTube, which makes me exceedingly happy for a variety of reasons. Mostly, because he's an amazing radio host, and seeing him live is even better. And the way he uses his words is just amazing...

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Well, I'm rather proud of myself right now. At hockey tonight, I was able to not only keep up with Mum on a breakaway, but actually overtake her and steal the puck. And...I realize that doesn't exactly sound like something to be very proud of, but... Well, Mum is an excellent player. She's been playing hockey for at least forty years, and I honestly believe that if she'd been born twenty-odd years ago, she'd be playing on the women's Olympic team. She's that good. And also incredibly fast, with a seriously scary slapshot. People *scatter* when she winds up, I'm telling you.

Now me? I'm not nearly as good as she is. I'm getting better, but I'm still a long way off. So the fact that I was able to catch her and take the puck means a lot to me. Although, I do have one thing going for me that she doesn't: I'm very, *very* solid on my skates. As in, I don't fall easily, at all.

Yeah, no real point to this post. Although I do have pocky, and it's snowing. So it's been a good day all round.


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