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Incidentally, my hair is now in dozens and dozens of tiny braids. I love it! It took the sister more than a few hours to finish, but she did a great job and they look awesome. There may be pictures soon, if I can finagle a camera into working.

Also, the MST3K episode Future War? Wow, that's a bad movie, but an absolutely hilarious episode. Nothing quite like watching a Belgian kickboxer take on really bad dinosaur puppets. You could just see some of the actors cringing when they had to say their lines.
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Well, today I finally went and got my hair cut properly for the first time in, oh, about four years. And I have to say, I'm still kinda flaily about the cut.

I mean, for years, it was this, and now it's this. It's lighter, (weight-wise), fluffier, and so short! I am not used to hair this short! *flails, again*

And yeah, I know it's not nearly as short as I've been saying I would get it cut, but hey, I've gotta work up my courage somehow. (Why yes, I did chicken out of cutting all of it off. Your point?) Eh, I'm sure I'll cut it eventually. Now I've just gotta get used to not being able to make one braid anymore. ...Man, I'll miss that more than anything else.

In other news, we now have Halo 3. Yey! Also Heroes was amazing last night, Molly and Her Two Daddies, and Hiro!
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So I learned something new today. When baking a cake, instant hot chocolate powder is *not* an acceptable substitute for cocoa. Yeah, okay, I had enough cocoa left for the actual cake, but I ran out just when I needed it for the sauce.

Cake tasted fine, the sauce was kind of funky. So yeah, won't be doing *that* again.

In other news, I really really don't want to cut my hair, but I think it might be necessary kind of soon. It's over two feet long and thicker than my wrist, and it's getting so damn *heavy*... Bleah. Won't be cutting it anytime soon, but I'm starting to entertain the possibility...
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Hah! I've had my hair in little teeny braids for the past week anna half, which was a great deal of fun. And considering that it is very long and very thick, there was a lot of teeny little braids. They were very nice at keeping the hair out of my face...

But I just took them out tonight, which amuses me greatly. Now my hair is all wavy, and if it wasn't so long, it would be sticking out at about forty-five degrees from my head. So thank Glod for that. Of course, having them out means I'll have to go back to French braids tomorrow for work, but that's okay. I like French braids. And if I knew who the first person was to French braid their hair, I would fangirl them.

That is all.

(wavy hair, hehehehe.....)


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