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Er. Anyway, gone west, so huzzah, wave the tiny flags, etc.

Been gardening, which I actually do enjoy, when it's a teeny flower garden and not the monstrosity of a vegetable garden we usually have. Need to do more, though, when I get back.

Also, ME2 on Insanity takes so damn looooong, oh my god. A relatively simple fight against a Blue Suns Captain, on the way to rescue Oriana? Something like two hours, spent loading and reloading and reloading. On the other hand, she's most definitely dead, so go Garrus and Miranda.
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Though, admittedly, through no proactiveness on my part. Had to be reminded to wear the sunscreen, alas.

Eh, whatever. Point is, fuck you sun, you're not getting me today! Freckles on my lips, what the hell.

Anyway, finally finished planting the garden, and of course I got stuck with the carrots and the beets. Those are seeds of evil. Tiny, brown and so very difficult to plant, argh. But they're pretty much worth it, as long as the deer can't get at them.

Otherwise, it was an utterly gorgeous day today. Not a cloud to be seen, and it's rare to see the mountains that clearly this time of year. There was no heat haze, nothing obscuring them. And there's still so much snow, it's really kind of amazing. Nothing but green all the way to the west, and then snow covered mountains. I really do love living here.
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And wound up with some lovely pictures of the garden and the yard. It was very wet and rainy today, though oddly enough, sunny at the same time. I couldn't help but sing "Have You Ever Seen The Rain" ...coming down on a sunny day! )
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...But nooo, I got sunburned again today. Granted, it's pretty minor, but still, the point remains. I was all smug about remembering to put on sunscreen before we went out to garden today, but in the seven hours that followed, I didn't think to reapply it even once. Major FAIL on my part.

On the bright side, we got the entire garden planted! I am massively proud of this, because I planted over half completely by myself. What makes that special is that we have a biiig garden. I'll take pictures tomorrow or something, just to illustrate.

We planted potatoes, which are easy, beans, peas, carrots and beets. Beans and peas are almost as easy as potatoes, 'cos they've got such big seeds. Carrots and beets, on the other hand... Let's just say that even as good as garden carrots are, I'm not sure they're worth how much effort has to go into planting and weeding the damn things.

For all my bitching, though, it's done. And in fairness, the set-up means it'll be pretty easy to maintain during the summer. Which is good, because I will be the one doing most of the work.

Also? There's nothing quite like wandering through a freshly tilled garden barefoot. ...Never mind that it took me five minutes to wash my feet.


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