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Dec. 19th, 2010 05:34 pm
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I can has cake! And kitties!

Kitteh Cake

Though that hasn't actually happened today. Yet. With Fuzzy around, you never know.

Also it's remarkably gratifying to hear a fellow conductor wish one a happy birthday over the radio at Airdrie.
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In other news, it's [ profile] fangses' birthday! *waves tiny flags*

To mark this occasion, I bring cuddly kitties and mounties fighting pirates!. And yes. It is exactly as awesome as it sounds.

Anyway. It's been over four years (holy shit) since we met, and it's been awesome. Happy birthday, dude, and here's to more fandom pillaging, more eggrolls and moar win all around.
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...It's still the twenty-eighth here!


Anyway. It's [ profile] fangses birthday, and in honour of such a momentous occasion, I bring you Narutofic!

It was written in half an hour, very late at night. Please pardon my errors, and feel free to point them out.

The birthday fic... )

Happy birthday, [ profile] fangses!

Lee would make an excellent Hokage, actually. He'd certainly be enthusiastic, at any rate...
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Well, it's my sister's eighteenth birthday, and all I have to say is... There's cheesecake in the fridge, chocolate banana cake on the counter, and Happy Birthday!

Although it's kinda sad that I stayed up till about one am watching tv with her, and it took me until the end of Ever After (ahaha, that movie is terrible) to realize she was officially eighteen. So, uh, I guess that's her present from me. A nice, long MSTing session. Shut up, I made you cake.

Can't believe she's 18 already, holy crap...

Also, Hot Fuzz was amazing. On eight kinds of crack, but amazing.

And Heroes tonight, whee!


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